Gerardo Jimenez

Today I had the honor to meet @jerry_jimzsa, Gerardo Jiménez and his team at @genomicamedica

  Gerardo is a medical and biotech executive. Over 20 years of successful management in the biotech, genomics, healthcare, pharma and personalized medicine industries.

« CEO, CSO and principal investigator at health , scientific, and biotech institutions. Conducted lab research in genetics and molecular biology for over 15 years (USA and Mexico), founder and director of the National Institute of Genomic Medicine (Mexico), president of Biotechnology at the OECD for 7 years (Paris, France), and program director of Genomic Medicine and bioeconomy at Harvard for 5 years (Boston, USA).

  Doctor in pediatrics, Genetics and Molecular Biology, founder of two biotech companies : Global Biotech Consulting Group and Genómica Médica.

  Board Member at the United Nations, World Health Organization, Human Genome Organization, Genome Canada and others.

  International speaker with over 350 keynote lectures worldwide. Recipient of multiple honors and awards. »

  As you understood, Gerardo is someone passionate and really dedicated about his work.

  He has strong experiences, and it’s fascinating to meet him.

  Besides that, Gerardo is also someone very nice and friendly. I had a great time and I feel very grateful getting to know him.

  Thank you so much Gerardo to share your precious time with me and to learn about my project.

  You’re an amazing person and this project give me the opportunity to meet you.

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