HD Connection

The aim of ExploreforHuntington is to connect Huntington Disease Associations in Latin America with Europe and the International community.


We managed to connect the Mexican Huntington Association with European Huntington Association and International Huntington Association.

Astri is the director of « European Huntington Association ». She’s from Norway and has a particular relation with Huntington. Her husband, Svein Olaf Olsen is at the head of the « International Huntington Association ».

Donaji the director of « Mexican Huntington Association » – AMEH (Asociación Mexicana de la Enfermedad de Huntington). She’s dedicating her life to helps patients affected by HD. Her relationship with Huntington Disease started with her mother, who lived with the disease for 30 years more or less. Donaji helped her mother for all this time and learnt what’s to live with Huntington. And as you can guess, as it’s a hereditary disease, she’s also at risk but refused to get tested. She’s so positive about life and it’s very inspiring to listen about her experience.

Tina Legget is working with European Huntington Disease Association. She’s living in Switzerland and learnt about HD from her family. Even tho she’s negative, she works on the field and shares her knowledges.

I’m glad that we can all connect together and work in the future.