Asociación Mexicana de la Enfermedad de Huntington – AMEH

Let’s get back on the event at @ameh_huntington on Wednesday
13th octobre 2021.

  I had the pleasure to meet ,Donaji Toledo, the president of the Mexican Huntington Association and the team of doctors who are working for the Mexican National Institut of Neurology.

  We had a really good time all together and we shared our knowledges and experiences about Huntington Disease.

  Donaji showed the association and their work. It was really interesting to see what they’re doing and how they’re helping people.

  Here we can find a room for consultations with a psychiatrist, a place where they’re doing somes exercises to help with motor symptoms and speech disorders (mouth specific exercises), a lot of wheelchair and material available and also a beautiful garden where patients can rest. They even have a van to transport patients.

  Donaji is a wonderful person, she’s dedicating her life to help people affected with Huntington Disease. She’s working as a president since many years and do things from the bottom of her heart. Here all the people are very nicely welcome and they can feel comfortable.

  Her relationship with Huntington Disease started with her mother, who lived with the disease for 30 years more or less. Donaji helped her mother for all this time and learnt what’s to live with Huntington. And as you can guess, as it’s a hereditary disease, she’s also at risk but refused to get tested. She’s so positive about life and it’s very inspiring to listen about her experience.

  The Mexican Huntington Association work closely with the National Mexican Institut of Neurology. Geneticians and doctors came to learn about my project exploreforhuntington. It was an honor to meet all of them and I learnt a lot of things about their work.

  Thank you for this wonderful day and especially Donaji to organize this event !


Addressing the need of people with Huntington’s disease, in 1992 through the concern of a group of relatives of patients affected by the disease and as well as health professionals, the AMEH was founded with the aim of improving quality life of the sick and was legally constituted as a Civil Association on January 17, 1994; It was transformed into a Private Assistance Institution on June 16, 1997.

Due to the increase in patients and the human needs involved, the Fundación “Alma Fondo de Ayuda” I.A.P., granted AMEH a house on loan.


Provide knowledgeable Huntington’s disease patients and their families with knowledge; in order to meet the basic health needs of patients and contribute to maintaining their physical and intellectual capacities for a longer time, allowing them to improve their quality of life.


The Mexican Association of Huntington’s disease IAP, will continue to provide quality care services, with the ability to reach the states with the highest concentration of Huntington’s patients in the country, maintaining international ties with other organizations, raising awareness of the population in risk and promoting social participation through the dissemination


1.- Love: They show interest and empathy for the needs of others, promoting the union and companionship of patients and their families thanks to the vocation and support provided by the people who collaborate in the organization.

2.- Honesty: They work with responsibility, transparency, being consistent with what they profess and do, which creates confidence in the work they do. Integrating a participatory work team, adding talents to achieve the unification of opinions, motivating respect to create a positive synergy throughout the organization.

3.- Commitment: They provide the beneficiaries with a professional and quality service, in addition to keeping them informed about the advances that arise, remaining loyal to the purpose of the organization.

4.- Respect: To each of the users who come to the Center, through acceptance, tolerance and confidentiality.

5.- Gratitude: Towards life, the people with whom we surround ourselves, the learning that patients give and all kinds of citizen participation since they forge the hope that the reality of beneficiaries, regardless of adversity, will have a improvement.

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