Genómica Médica

Thank you all the team of @genomicamedica to welcome me today in their laboratory.

I had a wonderful time !

Genómica Médica is the leading Personalized Medicine laboratory in Mexico. They offer saliva DNA tests for risk assessment of common diseases, prediction of response to commonly used drugs, and diagnosis of genetic diseases.

Multidisciplinary group of professionals, with more than twenty years of experience in scientific research, develops high-quality innovation with cutting-edge technologies, offering personalized diagnoses and recommendations for health care.

Our genetic code is a map that helps define our body’s capabilities, anticipate disease risks, or predict response to certain medications – even before taking them.

Genómica Médica help people to have a healthier life through DNA studies that are carried out in a confidential, precise, fast, accessible way and with the support and guarantee of extensive scientific trajectory and the most advanced technology.

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