Genos Medica

I had the pleasure to meet Rosi who’s working as a genetician in the laboratory of Genos Medica.

They showed me their laboratory and how they’re working. It was really interesting for me to see how doctors are working on our genom and especially on genetics diseases.

What I can definitely tell you, it’s that we can do wonderful things nowadays with brilliants people associated to technology.

Genos Médica ® is a Specialized Center in Genetics, made up of a group of professionals.The team includes experts in Medical Genetics, Perinatal Genetics, Cytogenetics, Molecular Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology, Genetics Experts and Researchers.

They dedicate their efforts to provide comprehensive management to patients and relatives with hereditary and genetics diseases, so they have a specialized laboratory and consultation area.

They arose from the need to care for patients with genetic diseases. In Mexico, congenital malformations and chromosomal alterations are the second cause of infant mortality.

Thank you so much Rosi and all your team to showed me your work, it was fascinating !

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