Researchers team directed by Dr. Villafaña – ESM/IPN school – CDMX

I had the opportunity to meet a new researchers team here in Mexico City.

They’re working in « ESM – Escuela Superior de Medicina – IPN » and doing an amazing job. 

They are specialized in gene therapy and gonna launch a new experimentation soon. The trial is very promising. 

They’ve new ideas to find a cure for huntington disease and I wanted to share it with you.

Doctor Villafaña is working on gene therapy for 15 years and now investigating on a new trial with his students.

They carried out various investigations and publications related to the silencing of proteins through gene therapy.

Currently they are in the selection of patients and starting with the culture to evaluate the first sequences that have already been synthesized, the project is part of the doctoral project of the student Sergio Ocampo Ortega.

Thank you so much Doctor Villafaña and all your team to show me your work and share your knowledges, it was fascinating.

It’s very encouraging and gives hope that all over the world and even here in Latin America people are working on Huntington’s disease.  And I am sure that if we can all work together, we will find a cure in the near future.

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