Marielos Zamora Mena

I had the pleasure of meeting Marielos Zamora Mena and her family in Costa Rica.

Marielos has written a book on Huntington’s disease :

and I wanted to share her story with you.

She discovered Huntington’s disease when her mother declared the first symptoms at the age of 45. It was a real shock in the family, they did not know about the disease and the family history.

Her mother’s behavior began to change over time, she became very irritable, nervous, angry and intolerant and this caused her a lot of anxiety.

It’s a big family, they are 8 brothers and sisters and therefore all at risk of the disease. Marielos for her part did the genetic test after she discovered her mother’s disease and her result was negative. A relief for her although her mother was very affected and her brothers and sisters at risk.

These siblings, upon learning the nature of the disease, and its hereditary and incurable condition, went into a state of denial, they said – I don’t have it – I can’t have it.

One of his brothers declared the disease, he also suffered from alcoholism and he could not bear this terrible life and ended his life.

For the others, they have never had the genetic test and are in denial. After lot of years fighting, her mother finally passed away.

Marielos’ experience with Huntington’s disease is very sad and it really touched me. I advise you to buy her book and read her story.

It was a pleasure to meet her family during my visit to San José and I will continue to distribute her book around Latin America.

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